Modern Retail Execution Solutions for Today’s In-Store Challenges


How ReStore for Retail Bridges the Gap Between Strategy and Execution

Today’s problems in maintaining a uniform strategy across the store network call for retail execution solutions that work. ReStore for Retail understands the challenges faced by managers and frontline staff. We’ve designed a platform that reduces costs and boosts efficiency – all while elevating the customer experience.

Here’s how.

What standard retail execution management struggles to address

Every retail store is unique. But the struggles they face aren’t.

Conflicting tasks and an imbalance of service standards

Sales associates, especially less experienced hires, struggle with the daily demands of retail operations, which can negatively impact the performance of customer-facing responsibilities. Frontline staff require greater support to balance additional tasks with their primary duty, customer service.

High turnover rates and less experienced staff

The attrition rate among retail workers exceeds that of other industries by a margin of 70%.

This high turnover not only results in a workforce with less experience but also leads to a deficiency in essential skills, background knowledge, and the motivation needed to embrace new store strategies. For those employees who remain with the organization, a common challenge emerges—being stretched thin with numerous tasks, leaving minimal time for additional or revised procedures.

Difficulties with stock availability

Customer demand is a great thing – unless you don’t have the stock to meet it.

Retailers continue to expend a ton of energy averting and addressing stock availability issues. Striking the right balance between having sufficient inventory while sidestepping the pitfalls of excess stock remains an ongoing and, quite frankly, costly struggle. It places not only profits but also customer satisfaction and the esteemed reputation of a store at stake. Moreover, it ties up funds that could otherwise fuel more strategic endeavors.

Retail Execution Management

The missing link between strategy and execution

Retail execution management software from ReStore for Retail has helped countless retailers connect the dots between corporate strategies and on-site execution. Along the way, it’s created more meaningful relationships between district managers and staff, so everyone is invested in making store improvements.

Does it all sound too good to be true?

Here’s a quick look at some of the features of ReStore’s retail execution management software platform and its role in optimizing all aspects of a physical retail location.

Streamlining information, providing visuals, and consolidating tasks – At the core of the ReStore platform are communication tools that streamline information between management and store associates. To simplify the process on both ends, store workers can upload photos and videos of front window displays, feature walls, display racks, and other key areas to a visual media gallery. From there, management can verify compliance with execution standards and, as needed, offer prompt feedback and real-time course correction.

Facilitating easy follow-ups and completion of tasks – With better communication comes higher adoption rates and more impressive results. Tasks are communicated and monitored directly through the platform, with automated reports that track efficacy and compliance and support more informed decision-making. Get more context on field-level data, including how certain strategic initiatives are playing out in the real world, and pull on-demand data on execution levels and achievements.

Empowering frontline workers – In addition to being the ones who make or break your customers’ experiences, frontline workers are your eyes and ears in terms of identifying merchandising problems and opportunities and implementing smart solutions. ReStore motivates workers through personal coaching and development and by actively involving them in merchandising and branding execution, creating a better in-store experience for staff and customers alike. The result is improved customer engagement, which can then translate into increased sales.

Minimizing lengthy in-store visits – District managers may oversee upwards of 25 stores, making it difficult to maintain brand consistency across all locations. ReStore allows managers to better identify priorities and allocate store visits more efficiently and strategically. With stock audits, cleaning checklists, and more consolidated into a single project dashboard, line managers can quickly and easily submit reports and receive feedback.

Try ReStore for Retail today

To succeed, you have to know how to adapt. Close the gap between strategy and in-store retail execution management and future-proof your business against today’s challenges – and tomorrow’s – with ReStore for Retail. Sign up for a free demo to see firsthand what improved retail execution solutions can do for your business.

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