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Transforming Retail through Empowered Frontline Teams

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The right behavioral nudges can transform your workforce into a powerful asset that drives significant financial performance. By investing in our proven strategies and technology, you'll see how empowered and well-guided employees can directly boost your bottom line.

Our comprehensive approach to retail success integrates field-based training and a state-of-the-art technology platform to guide your team in executing their best work. This investment in your staff translates to increased sales, better customer satisfaction, and higher profit margins.

We’ve consistently demonstrated that our methods lead to measurable improvements, such as a 9% increase in clearance item sales. By addressing common retail challenges and leveraging the full potential of your staff, we turn skeptics into believers.

Our method focuses on six key operational pillars that are essential for retail success.

Merchandising and Recovery

Build a merchandising foundation for great customer experiences by utilizing ReStore for Retail to showcase products attractively and persuasively, increasing customer purchases through strategic product placement, cohesive store layouts, effective signage, and impactful promotional displays.

Accelerate your merchandising process with ReStore for Retail, ensuring perfect customer experiences even during high-traffic scenarios or disruptions.

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Perfect Displays

Every display is set for an optimal customer and brand experience. ReStore institutionalizes best-practices so every store delivers perfect experiences - from immaculate mannequins to faultless signage.
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Recovered Stores

Every square foot is reset to drive another customer interaction. Shelves are filled, front & faced, and marked so the customer can always access desired items and perceive value.
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Seamless Experience

As the number of Customer touch-points increases, so does the opportunity for negative experiences. ReStore for Retail ensures accurate pick and pack, loyalty recognition, and consistent retail promotions across the omni-channel.
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Promote the Promotions

Maximize the impact of your store's discounts, special offers, and promotional events to attract customers and boost sales. ReStore for Retail swiftly designs and implements promotional strategies across your fleet, incentivizing purchases and increasing margins.

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Strategic Discounting

Develop and implement price reduction strategies tailored to specific products or entire categories. Whether it’s season or event-based offers, clearance and flash sales, or pricing to optimize your supply chain, ReStore develops targeted strategies to create urgency and capture interest
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Active Loyalty Programs

Ensure every customer is recognized to enhance loyalty and lifetime value. ReStore for Retail ensures care and attention while making it easy to deploy events, contests, and giveaways to keep the experience exciting,
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Uniform Signage

ReStore for Retail creates a consistent message across your omnichannel, reducing confusion and frustration from conflicting pricing, discounts, and deals.

Store Appearance

Positively impact customer perceptions, drive purchasing decisions, and bolster overall retail success through rigorous upkeep of visual merchandising standards.

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Retail Execution Software

Spotless Stores

Ensure your stores are clean and appealing to customers. From the backroom to the parking lot and everywhere in between ReStore for Retail verifies your standards are being upheld on a daily or even hourly basis.
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Flawless Safety & Loss Prevention:

Maintain your safety standards so your stores are always in compliance. Visually confirm ladders are used correctly, fire extinguishers are up to date, ADA standards are upheld, and doorways are unblocked to protect your liability.
In-store Merchandising Solutions

Organized Backrooms

Merchandise isn’t selling unless it’s on the store floor. ReStore for Retail creates clean and organized backrooms so that products can be packed, shipped, or put on display at a moment's notice.
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In Stock/Out of Stock

Maintain optimal stock levels with effective retail stock management. ReStore for Retail integrates a visual feedback mechanism and qualitative data capture to accurately reflect the true quality of inventory, so your product is on the floor, not in a box.

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Accurate Stock-Take

Employ real-time, visually validated floor stock updates to closely monitor high-demand items.
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Proactive Replenishment

Quickly identify low-count product and rapidly move from shipment to salesfloor with real-time inventory adjustment and predictive analytics for demand forecasting.
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Return Management

Proactively re-merchandise returns for clearance, discount, or standard pricing. ReStore for Retail ensures your store teams always know and execute returns management, even when complex warranties or third-party vendors are involved.

Empowering Retail Teams

Provide frontline staff with the authority, resources, and support necessary to excel in their roles. By fully integrating your store team's communication with the chain of command, ReStore for Retail creates freedom within a framework.

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Open Communication Channels

Establish and maintain clear lines of communication between management and staff to ensure all team members are aligned with company objectives, can provide feedback, and feel valued.
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Delegate Responsibility
via Playbooks

Quickly identify low-count product and rapidly move from shipment to salesfloor with real-time inventory adjustment and predictive analytics for demand forecasting.
Retail Execution Management

Reward & Recognize

Acknowledge individual and team achievements with meaningful rewards and incentivize the behaviors you want to encourage across your stores.
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Streamline Execution

Optimize and refine critical processes and align teams with corporate objectives with a task engine built to handle retail execution management across an entire store fleet, maximizing productivity.

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Cross-Functional Collaboration

Encourage collaboration between various departments, such as marketing, merchandising, and operations, to synchronize efforts and streamline workflows.
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Strategic Task Management

Prioritize tasks based on their importance and urgency to guarantee critical activities are completed efficiently and on schedule.
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Feedback Loops

Collect and analyze feedback from frontline staff about operational hurdles and opportunities, then immediately provide leadership feedback to adapt in-store retail execution management strategies.