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ReStore's Virtual Store Experience (VSX) platform provides retailers with collaborative retail execution solutions that amplify the performance of in-store events, activities, and promotions. Our mobile technology platform works as hard as you do, creating elevated experiences for customers and providing real-time support for store managers and associates.

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An entirely new, visually-enabled approach

With ReStore VSX retail merchandising software, you can plan, deploy, and visually monitor day-to-day store activities in real time. The end result? Stellar associate and customer experiences, plus more of the data you need to optimize retail store performance.
Visual merchandising
Visual merchandising software

In-store merchandising solutions that boost sales and profitability

ReStore VSX is a SaaS-based platform that provides retailers with a highly visual digital interface for monitoring store practices and performance in real time. Get an on-the-floor look at merchandising practices, promotions, inventory management, and more, and empower store associates to deliver an always consistent, always conversion-driven customer experience.

What you can do with ReStore VSX

From the fitting room to the board room, in-store merchandising solutions from ReStore VSX simplify daily store operations so staff can spend more time connecting with customers.

Retail merchandising software
Store Operations

Manage store operations from afar and streamline communication for more efficient engagement with in-store staff.

Retail execution solutions
Brand Management

Ensure consistency across locations with store-by-store visibility sorted by department, category, etc.

Retail execution management
Visual Merchandising

Our visual merchandising software lets managers see their stores from the point of view of their customers, all in real-time.

Retail merchandising solutions
Employee Engagement

Use gamified reports to increase employee engagement across stores creating fun competition amongst stores.

In-store merchandising solutions
Inventory Management

Monitor store inventory with reporting tailored to your stores.

Retail merchandising software
Store Safety

Utilize reporting to monitor daily store operations to improve safety.

Retail store reporting

Minimal effort, maximum results

We know you’re busy. Our team does the heavy lifting to integrate ReStore VSX retail merchandising software with your current system for a truly stress-free deployment.

Custom retail merchandising solutions aligned with your unique needs.
Minimum training is required to get store personnel up to speed.
Real-time dashboard insights to drive alignment, support ongoing retail execution management efforts, and highlight opportunities for improvement.
Retail execution solutions

Different roles, same meaningful impact

Retail execution management
In-store teams
ReStore empowers frontline staff by streamlining daily tasks and opening a direct line of communication with management and the C-suite.
Retail execution management
Managing multiple stores is made simple with the ability to dynamically review store photos, reports, and tasks from wherever you are.
Retail merchandising solutions
Executives use ReStore to keep an eye on their brand(s) and remotely monitor store compliance, management, and performance.
Visual merchandising

Top-three use cases for ReStore for Retail

Visual merchandising
Retail merchandising software

Manage visual merchandising in real-time

Visual merchandising software allows managers to understand the look and feel of their stores from the customers’ perspective. Use ReStore’s dynamic photo gallery with custom filtering to view all of your stores in real-time and oversee activity as if you were actually there.

Spend less time uploading photos to reports or separating storage systems.
See which stores have displays set up correctly and give rapid feedback to correct errors.
Understand how your organization looks and feels to your customers.
Retail execution solutions

Store-level reporting made easy

Store-level reporting is how retail executives collect data from the front lines of their daily operations. ReStore for Retail helps stores to quickly collect and upload this crucial information, leaving staff with more time for customer engagement and sales.

Get on-demand insights into how retail stores are performing.
Identify which stores are completing reports on time — and which aren’t.
Pinpoint precise metrics and drill down on actionable data to improve retail store performance.
Retail execution management

Aggregate data for actionable insights

District-level reporting enables managers and executives to collect actionable data across their organization. View aggregated reports from a district or drill down on individual stores to see what’s working and what’s not.

Pull up single-store reports or compile a report for your entire district.
Track in-store metrics, task execution, and promotional performance with ease.
Analyze trends and view actionable data to triage district performance and make informed decisions on next steps
Retail store reporting

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