Revolutionizing In Store Retail Execution: The Hilco ReStore Advantage

From one retail investor to another, we are helping our portfolio companies rethink in store retail execution to drive operational efficiencies and improve top-line revenue.

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Navigating Challenges to In Store Retail Execution with Hilco Expertise

The retail landscape is fraught with challenges - financial difficulties, store closures, inventory complexities, and workforce dynamics. These hurdles often cast a shadow of risk over retail investments. Yet, within these challenges lies untapped potential.

Hilco Global Corporation, an in store retail execution and turnaround leader, excels in unlocking this potential. Our expertise in managing end-stage inventory and asset divestiture has successfully steered major players through turbulent times, liberating capital and empowering retail leaders to rejuvenate their organizations.

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Retail Performance

A Beacon of Innovation in Retail Performance

Hilco's ReStore for Retail is more than a solution; it's a commitment to counter the forces necessitating inventory monetization. Our approach focuses on enhancing six critical areas of retail operation, collectively driving sales growth, and fostering a culture of accountability and engagement among employees. Unlike traditional interventions, Hilco's ReStore for Retail is a dynamic force throughout your store's lifecycle - from grand openings to final closings.

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Retail Operation Software

The Power of ReStore: Transformative Technology and Expertise

Restore is not just another SaaS tool; it's a specialized, retail-focused solution configured to meet your unique needs. It serves as a GPS for retail employees, guiding them towards smarter work practices and instilling a sense of pride and responsibility in their roles for optimal store-level execution. The platform covers six operational domains. It all starts with a tailored assessment to pinpoint and address your company’s specific needs for improved retail performance.

Data-driven Excellence with ReStore

The backbone of Hilco's ReStore for Retail is our proven playbook, a compilation of best practices, processes, and methodologies fine-tuned for retail success. ReStore elevates standard practices to new heights, promoting innovative ideas and agile operational adjustments. Its unique data-gathering and analysis capabilities unveil patterns and financial impacts, enabling swift, informed decision-making. This advanced retail operation software, combined with our expertise in high-velocity retail events, makes Hilco an unparalleled ally in the retail industry.

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Real Results: Hilco's Proven Impact

Hilco's impact is tangible and significant. For example, our work with a 500+ store fashion retailer led to a 4% gross margin enhancement, translating to an impressive $19 million boost to their bottom line. In another instance, our platform saved significant time for store and district managers, directly benefiting stock management and promotional execution.

Your Partner in Retail Success

With over $150 billion in retail inventory sales and valuation, Hilco offers top-tier execution and expertise. Our teams are equipped with effective strategies, ready to rejuvenate brick-and-mortar operations and maximize sales and margin opportunities. Leveraging four decades of operational excellence and technological investment, Hilco ReStore positions itself as a true partner for retail investors and executives, committed to navigating the complexities of the retail world and driving success. When you’re ready to streamline retail operations, contact us.

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